Located in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, André Araiz manages & produces media content for the leisure travel & tourism markets specializing in content creation, vacation rentals, real estate sales & marketing throughout Mexico. His responsibilities include Video Production & Editing, Graphic Design, Web Design & Development, Media Planning & Strategy, SEO, Social Media Marketing & Email Marketing.



Arianne Araiz is a graduate of the Culinary Institute of NY (México campus) with over 18 years of experience (including Four Seasons, Punta Mita, Maxims – Hotel Intercontinental, Banquetes Eduardo Kohlmann, Restaurante La Vinería among others). Her current career path came from her passion in the kitchen, giving private cooking classes to small groups.

Her enthusiasm and perseverance brought her to create, produce and host her first TV program for MGM Latin Networks, El Toque Mexicano de Arianne; which was well received and launched her as a culinary personality for TV.  Arianne also acts as Executive Producer at Puente del Cielo, SA de CV which has all the means, experience and vision to carry out her new production of Top Chef México – a fruit of her undeniable craving to share her enthusiasm for her country and good food. Arianne will be the host, judge and co executive producer of this new series which will soon begin production. 



Producer, Cinematographer, Editor

Whether chasing the sun to capture the magic of the hour or focusing on that intangible essence of an emotion; André Araiz seems to always be exploring some sort of element to visually tell a story.  

Having received his Cinema / Television degree at the University of Southern California from the hands of Steven Spielberg & George Lucas inspired him all the more to stay on track and follow his own aspirations ignited ever since he was 10 years old putting together an Arri II on location shooting TV commercials with his father on the road.  Capturing the adventure and sharing the story behind it has become his hallmark as of lately; shooting and directing El Toque Mexicano; an original production for MGM Latino with his sister hosting the show. 

Now living in México full time after more than 10 years living and filming projects in the US, André is thrilled to have come full circle only to dig deeper into his roots with exciting endeavors under the Araiz Condoy Producciones umbrella.