Aerial Videography

We can shoot aerial photographs and videography from 50 to 400 feet above ground at any angle.  We're located in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico.

Aerial Videography Services

Enhance your story. Deliver a different perspective.

Capture a one-of-a-kind view. Go with aerial video.

The unmatched maneuverability of our remote-controlled Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) enable us to fly the aerial ships above, through and around natural formations or buildings at varying speeds and altitudes to provide that stirring, first-person perspective from every angle at a much more economical price.  We go where full-sized helicopters and aircraft cannot to achieve those "how-did-they-do-that" video moments.  We can shoot aerial photographs from 50 to 400 feet above ground at any angle.

We also shoot traditional video on the ground to provide the full perspective, and we always work closely with you, the client, to ensure that your vision becomes reality.